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wholesale vending machines card vending machines mall drink vending machine

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If I want to put a vending machine in my store, how should I choose the right store? What needs to be considered? Let's have a look!


The investment price of the store where the vending machine is located should be compared from the population composition of the area, the traffic flow of the road population, the store management team, future planning, etc., and determine the specific location for placement.


If I want to put a vending machine in my store, how should I choose the right store?


1. Consider the demographic composition

Whether it's a new store or a second-hand store, the main factor that determines its success or failure is the local consumer. Therefore, when choosing a store, you must compare the purchasing behavior of local consumers. Generally speaking, if a large number of local people are imported, and most of them are composed of white-collar workers with strong spending power, economic common sense tells us that people's consumption level will be proportional to their income, so the area will accommodate more high-end commodity stores. , thereby contributing to the increase in rent levels in the area.


2. Consider roads and traffic

The degree of road traffic largely determines the number of people arriving. In general, whether it is a prosperous downtown area or a new business "upstart" in a new community, it has the characteristics of convenient transportation. Therefore, whether it is a new store or a second-hand store, if the traffic conditions are not ideal, it also means that there is not much room for growth in the future. Of course, it should be noted that you cannot choose a store close to the main road of rapid transportation. Although such a store has the characteristics of high transportation convenience, the flow of people cannot gather, and it cannot bring popularity.


3. Consider the operations team

In the case of a single person or a single store, it is generally necessary to consider that the delivery location is not too far away, and it is convenient when the store has problems or needs to be loaded; if more than one set is placed in a certain area, the composition of the surrounding people should be considered, especially the age group. composition. The composition of the age group should be between 18-40 years old. The crowd is located in the community of college students and young people, and business hotels are relatively concentrated.


4. Consider future plans

For the planning prospects of the area, a comprehensive comparison should be made. Relatively speaking, areas with stable populations have significantly less upside than areas in the process of continuous improvement. It is important to note that planning changes. As the current urban construction is in the ascendant, there are often planning adjustments, which will cause the original downtown area to suddenly change its original appearance due to municipal construction. Although this situation is rare, once it occurs, it will have a great impact on investors and must be cautious.


5. After the location of the store is basically determined, we must also consider the surrounding security conditions, as well as the street traffic conditions between 8:00 pm and 2:00 am, to know whether the location is good!


We have probably introduced some selection arrangements for vending machines in the store, and hope to help you. If you need to buy vending machines, you can contact our company. Our company can provide special one-to-one services, support customized services, or Give some suggestions on the operation of the vending machine, welcome to call us.






Guangzhou Zhongda Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to helping small and medium-sized operators to build an omni-channel marketing ecosystem facing the era of big data with the support of Internet of Things technology, taking cloud computing and self-service vending machines as the starting point, so as to quickly and accurately control consumption demand and complete the sharing of commodity consumption and marketing resources.


We have dedicated staff and strong R&D capabilities, which can quickly respond to customers' needs, provide end-to-end customized products, solutions and services, and fully help customers succeed in business. Through our joint efforts, we constantly make people's lives more convenient and safe.


Zhongda Smart's products and solutions cover vending machines, blessing bag machines/fresh selling, heating vending machines, refrigeration vending machines, software development, system integration, etc. They are suitable for banking, securities, transportation, retail, supermarkets, scenic spots, medicine, education and other fields, and provide OEM/ODM services.






Q1:How to start a vending machine?

A:After connecting to the power supply, enter the background to let the system self-test. Under normal circumstances, the self-test is completed and it can be used.


Q2:Can't connect to the Internet?

A:Confirm that the surrounding signal is good or use the network cable to connect, but it still cannot be connected. Double check whether the settings are wrong. If there is still an error, you can contact the after-sales consultation.

Q3:How to deal with part failure?

A:For simple faults, you can contact sales or after-sales guidance for maintenance. If you cannot repair, you can contact to replace the corresponding parts.

Q4:How to place goods?

A:Open the cabinet door, pull out the cargo aisle, and place the goods in units of columns. The placed goods should correspond to the ones supplemented in the background. After placing them, adjust all the springs to the appropriate positions and put them back in the cargo aisle.




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