mini vending machine vending machine credit card screen cheap vending machine

mini vending machine vending machine credit card screen cheap vending machine

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The rise of the concept of unmanned retail has driven a new wave of innovative development in the vending machine market. Under the overall poor performance of the traditional retail industry, the vending machine market has achieved rapid growth against the trend.


In recent years, the income level of consumers has increased significantly, the rent and labor costs have continued to rise, the mature application of mobile payment technology, the innovative use of intelligent inventory management and cloud supply chain technology have all brought development opportunities to the vending machine market.


In the daily operation of the vending machine, merchants should look at the overall situation and maintain the good operation of all aspects of the vending machine, so that the operation of the vending machine can be in the best state.


1. "Elegant" body and surrounding environment


Whether it is a person or an object, a clean and tidy appearance can always add a lot of points, and it is no exception for vending machines. Therefore, merchants should regularly clean the appearance and interior of the vending machine, and even the surrounding sanitary environment, to create a comfortable shopping environment for consumers. This will not only make consumers happy, but also form a good image for businesses. After all, no one likes to consume in a messy environment.


2. Continuously optimize the strategic layout


Vending machines are typical commercial and real estate projects. Seizing favorable spots can bring better traffic and crowd out competitors. However, at present, the layout of the automatic after-sales machine industry mostly stays in the stage of referring to where to play. The layout of points is relatively regional, and the multi-key layout is in some areas, and there is no macro-planning and precise layout. The layout of vending machines should be in line with the company's development strategy. Before the layout, a macro plan is required. According to the development goals of the enterprise, the actual situation and future needs are coordinated, and the layout strategy is planned from different aspects such as first- and second-tier cities vs. third- and fourth-tier cities; key areas vs. expansion areas; closed places vs. open places. Form a point layout system with reasonable structure, coordinated layout, clear hierarchy and sustainable development.


3.Replenishment should be timely


Replenishment is a key link in the operation of vending machines. Especially in summer, the speed of beverage sales will be faster than usual, so merchants should replenish the vending machines in time. Don't wait until you've sold out to restock, you'll miss out on many sales opportunities.


4.Make Statistics regularly


Through the data statistics function of the mobile phone background, real-time, periodic data statistics, and data analysis, it can help merchants to clearly grasp the sales of goods and consumers' purchasing preferences, so as to understand the sales trends of the market and facilitate timely adjustments in later operations. Marketing strategy.

If the merchants do not conduct data statistics regularly, the operation of the vending machines will be passive and random, and gradually the merchants will be overtaken by other competitors.


The above four aspects are the matters that merchants must pay attention to in their daily operations. If partners can pay more attention to these aspects, then I believe that in the future operation process, they will be able to reap more lucrative profits.


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Guangzhou Zhongda Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to helping small and medium-sized operators to build an omni-channel marketing ecosystem facing the era of big data with the support of Internet of Things technology, taking cloud computing and self-service vending machines as the starting point, so as to quickly and accurately control consumption demand and complete the sharing of commodity consumption and marketing resources.


We have dedicated staff and strong R&D capabilities, which can quickly respond to customers' needs, provide end-to-end customized products, solutions and services, and fully help customers succeed in business. Through our joint efforts, we constantly make people's lives more convenient and safe.


Zhongda Smart's products and solutions cover vending machines, blessing bag machines/fresh selling, heating vending machines, refrigeration vending machines, software development, system integration, etc. They are suitable for banking, securities, transportation, retail, supermarkets, scenic spots, medicine, education and other fields, and provide OEM/ODM services.






Q1:How to start a vending machine?

A:After connecting to the power supply, enter the background to let the system self-test. Under normal circumstances, the self-test is completed and it can be used.


Q2:Can't connect to the Internet?

A:Confirm that the surrounding signal is good or use the network cable to connect, but it still cannot be connected. Double check whether the settings are wrong. If there is still an error, you can contact the after-sales consultation.

Q3:How to deal with part failure?

A:For simple faults, you can contact sales or after-sales guidance for maintenance. If you cannot repair, you can contact to replace the corresponding parts.

Q4:How to place goods?

A:Open the cabinet door, pull out the cargo aisle, and place the goods in units of columns. The placed goods should correspond to the ones supplemented in the background. After placing them, adjust all the springs to the appropriate positions and put them back in the cargo aisle.



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