energy drink vending machine table top vending machine

energy drink vending machine table top vending machine

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The energy drink tabletop vending machine is a new and innovative vending machine. The Energy Drink Tabletop Vending Machine is an industry first; this energy drink dispenser uses the pay-to-use concept in a tabletop machine that fits easily on your existing table or counter.

This tabletop energy drink vending machine is designed to fit anywhere. It's perfect for any business or establishment looking to offer snacks to its customers, students and guests, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and delicious energy drink.

This energy drink vending machine desktop vending machine is ideal for businesses, convenience stores and vending businesses. This energy drink maker offers the ultimate solution for those looking to start their own business.

Here,Five tips for maintaining vending machines

For vending machines, most people can operate and operate them, but they may not all know how to maintain the vending machines. If you want to improve the life of the vending machines, in addition to the daily operation and operation, you must know how to maintain them. Today, Huiyi The Czech vending machine has sorted out the five tips for maintaining the vending machine for everyone.


1. The exterior of the vending machine


Keeping the outside of the vending machine clean can properly increase sales and increase the life of the vending machine. When the outside of the machine is covered with dust, just wipe it off with a dry rag. If it cannot be wiped off, wash it with warm water or a neutral solution diluted with water, and then use a rag dipped in the diluted solution to clean the machine. Note: Even if the dirt is difficult to remove, do not wipe the machine with solvent or alkaline liquid, otherwise the panel and selection buttons may be cracked. Chemicals such as paint solvent, banana water, etc. shall not be used, otherwise accidents will occur.


2. The pick-up port of the vending machine


Since the pickup port is relatively low, it is also the easiest to get dusty. In order to prevent dust from entering the machine and increase sales, it is necessary to keep the pickup port clean at all times, which also leaves a clean and tidy impression to consumers, so that they can return to the machine again. purchase.


3. The product delivery chute of the vending machine


The purpose of keeping the product shipping chute in a hurry is to make the product more smooth when it is released. Therefore, wipe off the dust or surface stains on the product shipment with a cotton cloth or towel at least once a month.


4. Coin or banknote validators for vending machines


To say that it is easier to get dust, it is the coins or banknotes. When the dusty coins pass through the coin passage of the vending machine, the passage will be stained over time. If the remaining dust or stains are too serious, then It will lead to abnormal performance of the vending machine's coin selection, change, and coin refund. Therefore, in order to maintain the good performance of the coin validator, the passage of the coin or banknote validator should be wiped at least once a month, using a dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth.


5. Condenser and evaporator of vending machine


The parts inside the machine and equipment should also be properly cleaned, such as the condenser and evaporator, at least once a month. When cleaning the condenser, use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to gently move up and down to remove the garbage or dirt attached to the condenser fins. . When cleaning the dirt inside the evaporator, take it out and clean it with water.


Attention: the vending machine reminds again: Keeping the machine clean and tidy can increase the service life of the machine, and also allow consumers to repurchase and increase new consumption at the same time.






Guangzhou Zhongda Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to helping small and medium-sized operators to build an omni-channel marketing ecosystem facing the era of big data with the support of Internet of Things technology, taking cloud computing and self-service vending machines as the starting point, so as to quickly and accurately control consumption demand and complete the sharing of commodity consumption and marketing resources.


We have dedicated staff and strong R&D capabilities, which can quickly respond to customers' needs, provide end-to-end customized products, solutions and services, and fully help customers succeed in business. Through our joint efforts, we constantly make people's lives more convenient and safe.


Zhongda Smart's products and solutions cover vending machines, blessing bag machines/fresh selling, heating vending machines, refrigeration vending machines, software development, system integration, etc. They are suitable for banking, securities, transportation, retail, supermarkets, scenic spots, medicine, education and other fields, and provide OEM/ODM services.






Q1:How to start a vending machine?

A:After connecting to the power supply, enter the background to let the system self-test. Under normal circumstances, the self-test is completed and it can be used.


Q2:Can't connect to the Internet?

A:Confirm that the surrounding signal is good or use the network cable to connect, but it still cannot be connected. Double check whether the settings are wrong. If there is still an error, you can contact the after-sales consultation.

Q3:How to deal with part failure?

A:For simple faults, you can contact sales or after-sales guidance for maintenance. If you cannot repair, you can contact to replace the corresponding parts.

Q4:How to place goods?

A:Open the cabinet door, pull out the cargo aisle, and place the goods in units of columns. The placed goods should correspond to the ones supplemented in the background. After placing them, adjust all the springs to the appropriate positions and put them back in the cargo aisle.




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