10.1 inch touch screen Countertop Vending Machines mini vending machine

10.1 inch touch screen Countertop Vending Machines mini vending machine

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The vending machine industry is an industry with serious homogenization. The homogenization of machines, the homogenization of models, and the popularization of products inside means homogenization.


The vending machine industry has entered a growth period. Vending machines are called unmanned convenience stores. Due to their advantages of convenient setup, low management costs, and flexible business locations, vending machines have become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. Vending machines have grown from nothing to excellent in decades, and penetrated into all aspects of people's lives.


Vending machines exist widely around our lives. Vending machines are machines that can automatically pay according to the money you put in. Vending machines are commonly used equipment for commercial automation. They are not limited by time and place, and can save manpower and facilitate transactions. Vending machines are currently classified into four types: beverage vending machines, food vending machines, integrated vending machines, and cosmetic vending machines.


Let’s talk about the vending machine function first.

Basic functions.

1. With the support of the network environment, credit card shopping has various electronic payment functions such as credit card, stored value card, mobile phone card and so on.


2. The electronic control system for currency identification can cooperate with banknotes. The Coin Recognizer adds the functionality of vouchers to identify both paper and coin type vouchers.


3. Using USB technology for data download, using high-quality disks, you can easily download the operation information of the vending machine, and then use the PC to process the downloaded data, which is convenient for operators to grasp the sales situation of different regions, different machines and different commodities.


special function.

1. The network operation will collect the current operation data of the vending machine, including system status, system failure, material channel failure, out of stock, etc. The sales data is wirelessly transmitted to the vending machine network server through the GPRS module installed on the vending machine. The operator can master the information of the vending machine on any networked computer, and realize the large-scale operation and network management of the vending machine.


2. The mobile phone shopping vending machine system is connected with the mobile POS module system to realize the read and write operation of the 2.4GHZRFSIM card launched by China Mobile, and complete the function of China Mobile mobile phone shopping.


3. Multimedia display adopts LED display. Multimedia display technology, the vending machine system is connected with the PC system, allowing consumers to purchase products from the vending machine through the touch screen controlled by the PC, not only replacing the selection button, but also enabling the vending machine to have media functions.


4. Self-service payment The ATM system is embedded in the vending machine, making the vending machine mobile. Financial terminal equipment to realize self-service payment business, etc.


So, how to strengthen the safety management of vending machines?


Fix several feet of the machine on the ground with cement, or fix the back of the machine to the wall, which can effectively prevent someone from shaking the machine and stealing the goods; the machine door generally has a camera reserved port, so install a camera on the machine To increase the deterrent and safety factor is a good choice; install a camera near the venue, you can also negotiate with the venue provider or a nearby store to rent their camera or adjust the angle of their existing camera to take care of the machine; If the venue provider has its own security personnel, it is also possible to increase the inspection efforts in the vicinity of the machine through negotiation; You should diligently collect banknotes and coins to reduce possible losses.






Guangzhou Zhongda Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to helping small and medium-sized operators to build an omni-channel marketing ecosystem facing the era of big data with the support of Internet of Things technology, taking cloud computing and self-service vending machines as the starting point, so as to quickly and accurately control consumption demand and complete the sharing of commodity consumption and marketing resources.


We have dedicated staff and strong R&D capabilities, which can quickly respond to customers' needs, provide end-to-end customized products, solutions and services, and fully help customers succeed in business. Through our joint efforts, we constantly make people's lives more convenient and safe.


Zhongda Smart's products and solutions cover vending machines, blessing bag machines/fresh selling, heating vending machines, refrigeration vending machines, software development, system integration, etc. They are suitable for banking, securities, transportation, retail, supermarkets, scenic spots, medicine, education and other fields, and provide OEM/ODM services.






Q1:How to start a vending machine?

A:After connecting to the power supply, enter the background to let the system self-test. Under normal circumstances, the self-test is completed and it can be used.


Q2:Can't connect to the Internet?

A:Confirm that the surrounding signal is good or use the network cable to connect, but it still cannot be connected. Double check whether the settings are wrong. If there is still an error, you can contact the after-sales consultation.

Q3:How to deal with part failure?

A:For simple faults, you can contact sales or after-sales guidance for maintenance. If you cannot repair, you can contact to replace the corresponding parts.

Q4:How to place goods?

A:Open the cabinet door, pull out the cargo aisle, and place the goods in units of columns. The placed goods should correspond to the ones supplemented in the background. After placing them, adjust all the springs to the appropriate positions and put them back in the cargo aisle.




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