Zhongda Smart tells you the spring vending machine shipping principle

Zhongda Smart tells you the spring vending machine shipping principle

2023-01-12 17:10:00

Today, we will take the common, put a wide range of spring vending machine as an example, but also our common beverage vending machine, Zhongda Smart small to bring you the shipping principle and the shipping fault judgment tutorial.

Spring cargo channel shipping principle.
Beverage vending machine spring shipping method, that is, through the spring between the diameter of the placement of goods, one end of the spring connected to the motor, drive the rotation of the spring so that the entire aisle of goods displacement, pushing the front end of the goods fall out of the shipments, and the second spring diameter of the goods will become the first goods shipped next time, to achieve accurate shipments.

Zhongda Smart tells you the spring vending machine shipping principle

Of course, there are times when people make mistakes, let alone machines that are kept running for long periods of time. What should we pay attention to when the spring aisle does not ship well?

First, reasonable placement of goods. The phenomenon of stuck goods is usually because the goods are not placed well when replenished, resulting in friction between the goods and the spring, if the specifications of the goods are not standard once placed at an angle, it is easier to occur the phenomenon of stuck goods;

Secondly, it is important to place the goods in accordance with the diameter of the spring and the height of the pallet. Different gauges are used for different sizes of goods for sale. In addition, the height of the goods is not coordinated with the height of the pallet, which can easily lead to a jam;
A gentle reminder of the correct posture for adjusting the direction of the spring: pull outwards with a little force to adjust the spring from side to side.

Finally, there is also the possibility, but low probability, that a shipping problem may occur due to poor wire contact or a faulty motor driving the spring.

Above all, this is the principle of the vending machine of the spring goods aisle and the areas that need attention when maintaining the replenishment of goods.

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Zhongda Smart tells you the spring vending machine shipping principle

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