What should you sell better in the vending machine you operate with your heart?

What should you sell better in the vending machine you operate with your heart?

2022-12-01 18:02:13

Vending machine is a market is gradually heating up the popular industry, although not new, but many people are also relatively new to it, we may have more or less met in the city somewhere around the corner, and may also directly used, but in fact, if you want to operate a good vending machine, is still a relatively important thing. At present, if you look at it, the market vending machine selling goods homogenization is serious, with vending machine selling what goods better to become the primary consideration of the operator elements.

As we all know, the impact of the point on the income of unmanned vending machines is crucial, in addition to the impact of the type of goods sold is also extremely critical to the income, we will come to a simple analysis of how to choose the right vending machine for their own goods.
What should you sell better in the vending machine you operate with your heart?
In fact, functionally speaking, many goods as long as the right size can be put into the unmanned vending machine sales, but not necessarily you sell you can win, we also have to do with your point of view scene attributes related to matching the screening. Some of them are based on the point of screening goods, and some are based on the commodity screening point.

First of all, the more popular are transportation hubs (mainly railway stations, bus stations, airports, subway stations, bus stations, etc.), schools, factories and other scenes. Train stations, bus stations, airports belong to the same category, especially in the waiting room, everyone has time to stay down, you can sell buckets of noodles, bread, dairy products, snacks, etc., can be a substitute for food can be a snack to pass the time, but the airport waiting room selection of goods can take the high-grade route. Subway stations and bus stations are special, most of the time people are in a hurry to eat buckets of noodles and can not find hot water, selling mineral water, drinks, dairy products on the line, these two places are not a great demand for snacks, mainly drinks.

Besides, schools, especially universities and colleges, can generally be placed in dormitory buildings, stadiums and libraries, laboratory buildings and other places where the daily flow of people is more intensive. Especially under the dormitory building, selling buckets of noodles, bread, dairy products, snacks, etc. is very suitable, because many students will stay up late, may feel hungry at night and can not find food, you can come to use your vending machine. As for next to the stadium, this can be a venue dedicated to a particular sport, or a standard outdoor sports field, or even a building like a gym, but you need to be careful that the goods you sell are different according to the different scenarios, even if these are sports and exercise places. Such places are generally based on drinks, but also can sell some snacks and so on, beverage machines are recommended to have a refrigerated function, who does not want to sweat when the time to fill up a cold sip of water? The vending machines deployed in sports facilities can sell more mineral water and energy drinks.

Lastly, factories are generally located in relatively remote areas where shopping is inconvenient and competition is lacking, making them a must-see for operators. The workshop generally sells drinks mainly, outside the workshop generally sells food, snacks, drinks mainly.
What should you sell better in the vending machine you operate with your heart?
I do not know if you have concluded that the mainstream places are selling drinks snacks and other fast-consuming products, because the market for fast-consuming products is stable year-round, the relevant experience and personnel training have been mature, there is no risk, although the single product profit is not very high but the volume is large, the accumulation of small amounts into a large number, to do a relatively safe and secure. As for some other products that may have higher profits but are relatively cold, such as jewelry, wine, perfume, leather bags and other more expensive and special goods, not ordinary operators can operate well and have the strength, or not touch for good.
What should you sell better in the vending machine you operate with your heart?

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