What is the investment cost and profit return of vending machines?

What is the investment cost and profit return of vending machines?

2022-11-24 17:40:02

What is the investment cost and profit return of vending machines?


As we all know, in recent years, with the rise of new retailing, more and more vending machines have appeared in streets, schools, hospitals, stations and other public places. The profit of vending machine investment has always been a concern of everyone, and the profit of vending machine is also determined by many factors. As a kind of retail terminal, like offline physical stores, vending machines have higher requirements for operating places, but as long as the places are good enough, vending machines generally show good profit data. The better places are schools, factories, hospitals, railway stations, tourist attractions, etc. These places either have a very high density of effective customer groups, or a particularly large flow of people. Let's first focus on the profits of the vending machine market.



1. Convenient and fast

On campus (especially in high schools and universities), traditional retail methods such as supermarkets, commissaries and newsstands can't fully meet the needs of students, and it is difficult for them to operate 24 hours a day. Vending machines can be unattended and can operate 24 hours a day and all year round, which is not only convenient, but also greatly reduces the labor cost and store rent. Vending machines are also flexible, such as the library hall of the teaching building, downstairs of the dormitory, beside the playground, at the entrance of the restaurant, etc., which are in need but not suitable for opening stores, and are very suitable for placing various vending machines.



2. Support multiple payment methods

In addition to cash payment, the current vending machines can also customize various payment methods such as student card swiping and credit card swiping. The payment methods are more convenient and novel, and students also like to try new things. Primary schools, middle schools and universities can choose the above payment methods to combine according to the students' attributes.



3. The repurchase rate is high and the return cost is fast

What's the profit of vending machines? If you just say high, it's definitely not convincing. Students prefer all kinds of fast-moving consumer goods such as snacks, beverages and dairy products. Although the profit of a single product is not very high, the sales volume is very large, and the overall profit is still very good.



It's an ideal place for schools to operate vending machines. Generally, it takes about 11 months to pay back the money. After that, it's a net profit. This is a well-known thing in the industry. The key is to have a channel to put it in. Generally, relationships or bids are required.


Artificial intelligent self-service relying on big data and cloud back-end technology endorsement is the development trend of all walks of life, as is the new retail industry. Now vending machines are gradually replacing a considerable part of traditional stores, while new Smart Vending Machines are just beginning to develop, and the market vacancy is still very large, with a very good prospect.

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