How to do a good job of vending machine maintenance and maintenance?

How to do a good job of vending machine maintenance and maintenance?

2022-12-01 18:03:11

Vending machines and cars, like the need to maintain from time to time, the performance to last longer, after all, good machines also have a life span, just let it sell goods and do not focus on maintenance, the service life will become shorter.
How to do a good job of vending machine maintenance and maintenance?
Generally speaking maintenance vending machine should do the following aspects.

First, do a good job to prevent rain and wind measures.
Vending machine is certainly placed indoors will be safer, but also convenient for customers, but for some market and point and other factors, some vending machines placed in the outdoor. Now the vending machine intelligence is very high, high-definition touch screen, card payment, etc., once the water may affect the use, so the operator must add a canopy, and often check whether there is no leakage of rain seepage.

Second, clean up hygiene, eliminate hidden dangers.
Vending machines need to be cleaned regularly, whether it is the internal corners of the machine crevices or behind the surface, need to be dry and clean, one to reduce the rust corrosion, the second can give customers a good impression, increasing his desire to shop. In addition, pay attention to check the exposed wires and cables, if there is a natural crack or small animal bite traces, need to be replaced in a timely manner.
How to do a good job of vending machine maintenance and maintenance?
Third, do a good job of monitoring protective measures.
Vending machines are best placed in the camera can cover the place, if there is really no monitoring facilities around, it is recommended that operators install a camera themselves, although we in the intelligent vending machines have anti-theft design, but if the thief must use tools for violent damage, the equipment will still be damaged and thus cause losses to the operator, but if installed with a camera, not only in the machine damage or theft of goods After, to provide monitoring clues, but also to deter people with bad intentions, but also to increase the universal binding force, so that users love the equipment, standardized operation.

Fourth, the reasonable setting of energy-saving mode.
Vending machine cooling mode temperature settings, the temperature in each region are different, the need for operators to control their own, here it is necessary to emphasize that most areas in the early morning temperature is low without refrigeration, to turn on the energy-saving mode, so that the refrigeration compressor to take a break, while saving electricity can also greatly extend the life of the refrigeration compressor, set a good energy-saving time period, such as 22:00 pm to 8:00 am the next day to open Energy-saving mode.

The above-mentioned vending machine maintenance, the operator needs to be mindful to ensure the implementation, which is not only simply the love and care of the vending machine, but also at the same time is an incentive for your business.

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