A few practical lessons for choosing vending machine capacity.

A few practical lessons for choosing vending machine capacity.

2022-12-01 18:02:48

Vending machines are generally sold products just in demand, the audience is wide, the demand is also large, low labor costs, 24-hour operation, many people want to open the “lay to earn mode”, but the money is not so good to earn, many people in the first step in the choice of vending machines, encountered problems, do not know how to choose the size of vending machines?
A few practical lessons for choosing vending machine capacity.
First of all, anticipate the flow of people near the vending machine.
The same as opening a brick-and-mortar store, you need to examine the traffic and crowd characteristics of the place you choose. At different times, go and observe a few times, so that you have a good idea. Then you can go to buy a vending machine suitable for their own conclusions. Now the general vending machine, only count ordinary type of case, the basic one-time can put about 300 bottles of water, it is recommended to 300 bottles of water storage as a reference up and down, if you observe the results of the crowd demand may be particularly large, you can try a combination of vending machines, put a few more sub-cabinets for the combination, so that you can sell more, but if your conclusion is that the crowd demand is small, even more than ordinary type of single placement is still less, then it is still recommended to find a better spot.

Next, consider the cost of restocking the vending machine.
If you buy a smaller vending machine, or underestimate the crowd demand, then you will definitely have to restock more often, which may increase your costs, while too frequent restocking will also affect the length of the customer’s purchase and reduce the customer’s buying experience. Buy a bigger vending machine and the frequency of replenishment will definitely be a little less. Combine your own situation assessment, and then choose the most suitable for their own machine.

Third, be sure to choose a vending machine that is scalable.
When choosing a vending machine size, there is a very important factor to consider, that is, whether the vending machine has scalability, this should be clear before buying the machine. Now there are a variety of combinations of vending machines, do not look at this a small function, the impact on future business is actually very large, business is good, you can sell more products and types. If you buy a vending machine that is not scalable, once business exceeds expectations, you can only spend a relatively large amount of money on another machine if you want to improve your earnings.

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